• Will Smith’s Oscar Slap, BC Amber Alert Ending, Canada Qualifies for the World Cup – News Roundup

    But once Smith returned moments later to accept his first-ever Academy Award, he delivered a tearful apology for an act sure to overshadow his milestone achievement. He seized the opportunity during Sunday night’s awards to speak on being a fierce defender just like his tennis dad character Richard Williams from “King Richard.”

    When Will Smith marched onto the Oscars stage and smacked Chris Rock, the unpredictable moment served as a jarring interruption to Hollywood’s feel-good celebration.

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    While the move may save drivers around 30 cents per gallon at the pump, economic and policy experts warn that it is only a stop-gap solution.

    “They may not lower [gas] consumption and they might increase it,” Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at gas price app GasBuddy, told ABC News of the tax holidays. “I would love to pay less at the pump too, but this is a Band-Aid solution.”

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    An amber alert issued Saturday for two children from Fort St. John, B.C. has been cancelled after authorities found them and their mother safe near Kenora, Ont.

    Police issued the amber alert around noon Pacific time on Saturday and released information about the mother, her two children and their father.

    Officers believed the mother and two children had been taken by the father against their will.

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    Around a third of Canadian and American students question whether the Holocaust actually happened, according to a study commissioned by Canadian charity Liberation75.

    More than 3,000 students in grades 6 to 12 were surveyed before a two-day virtual conference focused on Holocaust education, and then again after the event, to assess what they know and think about the Holocaust and antisemitism.

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    Canada put on a show Sunday, qualifying for the men’s World Cup for the first time since 1985.

    Cyle Larin, Tajon Buchanan and Junior Hoilett scored as the Canadians had their way with an outmatched Jamaica side in a 4-0 win before a loud and proud sellout crowd of 29,122 on a chilly day at BMO Field.

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  • News Rewrite

    Brad Pitt 'Fight Club' Body: Here Are His Workout & Diet Tips

    Tencent Holdings, or Tencent, is a Chinese technology and entertainment company that made the decision to restore the original ending of the popular movie Fight Club.

    According to South China Morning Post, Tencent received backlash on social media after changing or censoring the ending. Fight Club is a 1999 film starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helen Bonham Carter. The film is simply about an unnamed character that suffers from a sleep disorder known as insomnia and associates himself with an alter ego with the name of Tyler Durden. This unnamed character meets Durden, a soap salesman, and together start a secret underground fight club. This club then spirals out of control for power. The original ending shows explosives going off and buildings crumbling to the ground. However, the censorship led the film to cut out a minute earlier to a black screen that narrated a different ending that told the triumph of the police over the evil plan of Durden, and that he was sent to get mental aid. This censorship was set in place due to the rules set in China in which the authorities must be victorious at the end of a film.

    In January, the restoration of the original finale was noticed and sparked headlines.

    However, it was noted by TMZ during an interview that the edited version of the ending was ironically closer to the book’s ending than the original. The book ended with the failure of the bombs and the main character being sent for mental aid. This shows that both endings, the restored and edited, were different and led the movie to different conclusions as well as that China has its own terms and regulations on ideology when it comes to both life and film.

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    For my personal media diet, I am not picky so I could have interest for anything that crosses my eye, however, I am easily bored and lose interest. My interests mostly consist of things I relate to. For instance, sports, music, and cars. My main interests are hockey, UFC, NHL, NFL, Car Mods, and Hip-Hop. I mentioned both hockey and NHL, this is because the National Hockey League provides media on highlights and hockey game details, while hockey simply covers different skills, highlights and clips of other non-professional hockey players. When talking about the UFC and NFL, I simply enjoy seeing highlights and being informed of the different ending and things. For Hip-Hop, I simply enjoy learning about the culture and being informed for when artists produce music, especially my favorites such as Yeat and Drake. I added car mods to the list because recently cars have caught my eye and I have been learning about them.

    In order to learn and stay up to date on these topics, I will be monitoring certain websites. These websites are TSN, XXL Magazine , Sportsnet, Mighty Car Mods , and Bardown.

    I have subscribed to a few newsletters to help inform me on the topics in which I have interest. These are TheHockeyNews, XXL Magazine, and Sportsnet.

    Even when I am offline, I am still able to stay engaged in the world. I find it is harder to find information and news when we are unable to use our devices however I also feel that it is much more enjoyable to read a magazine or newspaper when trying to be informed. Personally, I could easily read magazines or newspapers, talk about it with others, and even reflect on it by personally exploring the world by going outside.

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    The article I choose to share is: https://thehockeynews.com/news/nhl-draft-prospect-slafkovsky-shining-bright-at-olympic-games

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    My pen name is Worm, and the reasoning is quite simple. On this platform, I wish to keep my anonymity as I write blogs and other pieces during this course. Essentially, worms are what I think is my spirit animal. I am someone who moves along through hardship, and I am a very small creature on a big rock. The name worm is also included when referring to me today, for instance a bookworm and my gamer tag OnMyWorm. I have similarities to worms such as independence and the nature to reside in the dark for comfort. Furthermore, as a worm, I am also quite shy and try not to stick out of the crowd. Ever since I was little, I though that all insects were annoying but I always tried to save worms, and I respected their being.

    “Nicknames are fond names. We do not give them to people we dislike.”

    – Edna Ferber
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